This document contains some specifics about various projects. It is separate from the main CV to keep things more readable.

EEC Covira work

Description The COVIRA project is part of the 'Advanced Informatics in Medicine' program of the European Community. The project dealt with all kinds of aspects of medical imaging, and I have been working in the field of volume visualisation in medical imaging.
Platform The software that was developed needed to conform to version 3.x of the C++ standard, which was tested by means of the GNU g++ compiler. The software was tested on-site on various UNIX platforms, including the HP 9000/700 series, a SUN Sparc I, and various intel-based Unices, such as Dell unix and Linux.
Environment The requirements for the various subprojects involved the use of a Unix system, X11 and OSF/Motif, C and C++.

I had three specific assignments within the project:


Iconic Core A C++ library of basic objects and data structures.
Image Widgets A number of C++-classes and C-widgets for display of 24-bit RGB images.
A movie-type program to display a series of generated images.
Volume Visualisation Classes for Euclidean Distance Transformation.
Classes implementing a sparse volume (a volume holding only the interesting data)

Educational Programs

Job or Project Name:Je Maat de Giromaat
Operating System : MS-DOS
Languages Used : C
Result : Executable
Description: 'Je Maat de Giromaat' (translated: Your Friend the ATM) is an educational program that teaches school-going youth the principles of the PINfootnote{Personal Identification Number-number and the cash-machine by placing the user of the program in charge of the organisation of a school-barbecue.

Job or Project Name : Sparen Is Geld Vergaren
Operating System : MS-DOS
Languages Used : C
Window System : Microsoft Windows 3.0
Toolkits Used : Microsoft Software Developer's Kit
Result : Two roughly equivalent programs: one for Windows 3.0, one for MS-DOS.
Description: 'Sparen Is Geld Vergaren' (translated: A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned) is an educational program that teaches school-going youth the basic principles of saving money.

In both projects I worked together with a story editor, whose story and ideas I had to transform into a working program. All the programming was done by me, however.

Reference Programs

Job or Project Name : Philips Multimedia Encyclopedia
Operating System : CD-i, Multimedia PC (Windows 3.1/95/NT)
Languages Used : C, C++, shell, awk
Result : CD-i/CD-ROM/Encyclopedia Engine
Description: For the Philips Multimedia Encyclopedia I completed a complete Encyclopedia Engine, a set of tools and libraries that automated the process of hyperlinking, parsing, and typesetting, as well as the automatic adding of multimedia attributes. After completing this, I ported the CD-i software to the PC platform. Parts of this engine was subsequently used to produce a webbrowser for the CD-i platform in two weeks time (in 1994!).